Amazon Solitaire

Amazon Solitaire is a simplified version of Amazons Solitaire If you would like to try the classic version of this game, play Amazons Solitaire. If you are unfamiliar with Amazons Solitaire, you may want to try Amazon Solitaire instead, as it is a simplified version of the game and easier to learn.

How to Play Amazon Solitaire

Amazon Solitaire is an extremely simple solitaire card game. All cards above the value of 7 have been removed from the deck. The game has 4 foundations that you must build up from Ace to 7 by suit. There are 4 columns, and you can only move cards from the columns to the foundations. You start out with 4 cards dealt into those columns, and when you have moved all the cards you can move from to the foundations, click the deck in the top left corner. When you click the deck 4 more cards will be dealt into the columns. Repeat this until you either finish building up all of the foundations, or you run out of cards in the deck. If you run out of cards in the deck, you may "Reset" the deck up to 3 times. This allows you to pick up all the cards in the tableau, and place them back into the deck so that they may be dealt out again. Continue until all the cards have been placed into the foundation.

My thoughts about Amazon Solitaire

When I first played Amazons Solitaire, I quickly realized the game was entirely luck based. None the less, I found it compelling and fun to play. With Amazons Solitaire, play is complicated somewhat by the cards that are removed from play. Instead of removing all cards above 7, you remove the Kings, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s. This makes it a tiny bit awkward for beginners, but isn't that bad once you've played through the game once or twice. I decided to simplify it by creating Amazon Solitaire. This version of the game simply removed all the cards above the value of 7, so that you play through the foundations by suit from Ace to 7. This makes it a much simpler game to understand if you're playing for the first time. I also put a default limit on the number of times you may reset the deck, although you can if you like change this in the game settings.

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