Emperor Solitaire

Emperor Solitaire

Emperor Solitaire is a solitaire card game very similar to Sultan Solitaire where the player is trying to build up 8 foundations from King (or Ace) to Queen wrapping from King to Ace. The player deals cards from the stock pile to the waste pile one at a time, and is able to place cards from the waste pile either to the foundations, or to open cells. This game is similar to Freecell because the reserve piles (or freecells) don't begin the game filled. The player is allowed to reset the deck once in this version of the game.

Emperor Solitaire is played with two decks where all the Kings and one Ace are pulled out of the deck and used to define the 8 foundations with the King of Hearts in the center. The 8 foundations surround the King of Hearts on every side. The player is trying to bulid up these until they are all Queens foundations wrapping from King to Ace. To the right and to the left of the foundation are wings of 8 reserve cards (freecells). Depending on the version of Emperor Solitaire you play, these cells may or may not be filled at the beginning of play. The player should try and keep these wings clear, only placing cards in those positions when it can be used in the near future to build up the foundations. To the left, the player also has a stock pile and a waste pile. The player can deal cards one at a time from the stock pile into the waste pile, and is allowed to move the top card on the waste pile into play either moving it to the foundations or one of the reserve piles. When all the cards in the stock pile have been dealt, the player has the option to reset the deck and move all the cards from the waste pile back into the stock pile. Depending on the version of the game, the player may be able to do this once, twice, or not at all. The player wins when the foundations look like a King surrounded by 8 queens.

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