Kings End Gaps Solitaire

Kings End Solitaire

Kings End Solitaire is an intriguing version of Gaps Solitaire created by BattleLine Games. Much like in Gaps Solitaire, the game is played using a deck of 52 cards. At the beginning of a game session, the cards are arranged with the Kings located at the end of each row. This is the major and only difference between both versions of solitaire (Gaps and Kings End). Kings End solitaire offers a much easy run at winning because you only have to focus on 11 cards instead of 12. 

Game Structure

The game play is quite simplified but not so easy to win. If you are good at playing Gaps Solitaire, then you shouldn't have a problem. Otherwise, the game is played using a deck of 52 cards that are divided into 4 rows. The cards are dealt face up with a gap or two or none in at least each of the rows. The gaps represent an absent Ace. The aces are removed at the start of the game, i.e., before dealing. 

The goal is to arrange the cards in each of the rows from 2 to King in ascending order. On the left side of the screen are cards of twos to begin each row. The twos are grayed out indicating that they cannot be moved during play as they are the base of the foundation. To the far right of the screen are kings all at the end of each row. The kings are movable. 

At the bottom of the screen is a timer, a shuffle button, and an undo button. By default, the SHUFFLE button can only be used a maximum of three times during play. You can modify the maximum number of shuffles in the options menu, which you can reach by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right of the game screen. When you have arranged a row in ascending order and by suit, that row becomes grayed out. If you run out moves to make, you can use the shuffle button to re-shuffle the cards around. The undo Button can be used to reverse a move and can be used without limit.   

How To Play

To play, you need to arrange each row in sequence and by suit. This can be done by moving the right cards into the gaps in a row. A gap has a card to its left and its right. A card is suitable to be moved into the gap if it is the same suit as the card on the left and is one more than it (Move a 4-spade into a gap to the right of a 3-spade). A card is also suitable for a gap if is the same suit and is one less than the card to the right of the gap. Soon as you can place the cards sequentially from left to right for the same suit, the row is grayed out.  

Winning Kings End

You win the game if all the cards in each row are successfully arranged in sequence from two to King. Otherwise, If you run out of moves and you have used up all of your shuffles, you lose the game.

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