Monte Carlo Solitaire

Monte Carlo Solitaire is a classic matching solitaire card game. To play, you must match pairs of cards that are located adjacent to each other by value. Click the first card you would like to match, followed by the second card. The second card must be right next to the first card, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

At any point you can shift the cards in the tableau to the left and up by clicking the deck. As long as there are undealt cards still in the deck, you will be dealt cards replacing the ones that have been removed from play through matching.

To fill the spaces created by your matches, the cards will shift from the right columns to the left. When a card is moved all the way to the left, it will then shift from the far left to the far right and up one row.

If all the cards in the deck are gone, you can click the space where the deck had been to shift the cards in the same pattern. To win the game you must remove all the cards in the tableau through matching.

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