Terrace Solitaire

Terrace Solitaire

Terrace Solitaire is a free online solitaire card game played with two decks of cards. The first thing the player must do is choose a card to start out the foundations. The player must then build up the foundations alternating the colors, and wrapping around from King to Ace. The player also has 9 piles he can build down, and a reserve pile he can use to build on the piles or the foundations. When the player can no longer make moves with what is there, he can deal a card from the stock pile into the waste pile by clicking on the stock pile on the top left of the game screen. The player wins when all cards have been placed in the foundations.

Terrace Solitaire is a two deck solitaire card game played with 8 foundations, 9 columns (or tableau), a reserve pile that begins with 12 cards in it, a stock pile and a waste pile. Once 12 cards have been dealt into the reserve pile, three cards are dealt into the coumns, and the player must choose the starting card in the foundations from these three cards. Once the player picks the card to use to start the first foundation, the first card in all other foundations must have the same value. The player can move the top card from each of the columns between the columns, building them down alternating colors, or may build up the foundations alternating colors. The player can also move the top card from the reserve pile, or the stock waste pile. The game does not begin with any cards in the waste pile, but when the player has dealt out all the starting cards, the left over cards are placed into a stock pile. These cards can be dealt one at a time into the waste pile, and the player can use the top card in the waste pile to build on the foundations, or the columns. When all the cards have been remove from a column, if there are any cards left in the stock pile, they must be moved into the empty column. To win, the player must have placed all the cards in the deck into the foundations.

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